RHINOCEROS EU-funded project

Start date: 1 September 2022 - End date: 31 August 2026

Batteries reuse and direct production of high performances cathodic and anodic materials and other raw materials from batteries recycling using low cost and environmentally friendly technologies




When the battery of an electric car comes to the end of its life, it is not inactive but has a capacity of at least 75 %. Therefore, it can be repurposed for up to a decade in applications such as stationary energy storage. The EU-funded RHINOCEROS project will seek economical and environmentally friendly routes for reusing, repurposing, reconditioning and recycling end-of-life batteries. Researchers plan to develop a smart system enabling the automated classification of battery materials and the reassembly of working modules in new repurposed batteries. Furthermore, they will investigate ways to cheaply produce high-performance materials for the anode and cathode from the recycled materials. Project achievements will help prevent Europe’s technological dependence on other parts of the world.


Rhinoceros will develop, improve and demonstrate, in an industrially relevant environment, an economically and environmentally viable route for re-using, re-purposing, re-conditioning and recycling of EoL EV and stationary batteries. Rhinoceros will first develop a smart sorting and dismantling system enabling the automated classification and dismantling of LIBs and the reassembly of still working modules in new repurposed batteries for second life applications such as batteries for energy storage systems. When direct reuse and repurpose of batteries is not possible, a circular recycling route of all the materials present in LIBs (e.g. metals, graphite, fluorinated compounds and polymers, active materials) will be followed to close the materials loop. This route is based on a set of cost efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly routes targeting the pre-treatment, refining and the recovery of materials. Through product qualification by industrial end-users, Rhinoceros will demonstrate the direct production of high performances cathodic and anodic materials and other raw materials at competitive costs from battery recycling. The achievements will bring Europe to an increased independence level from foreigner manufacturers and raw materials suppliers.

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